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Manage the compliant transactioning of personal data

There are multiple systems to solve different sets of business problems in the digital marketing space. Each system is designed to be used to resolve a single business problem. Lola's central orchestration and administration modules allow configuring components to communicate with each other and the data to be orchestrated across the systems based on the configured programmatic work flows and rule sets.

Two systems manage the compliant transactioning of personal data. The initial development now provides “managed services” in the form of programmable workflows and rule sets. In parallel with this system and with complete interoperability, the second system can be viewed as a set of packages that form a release.

Topic areas are business components and changes are introduced into the new system by introducing a unit of work that alters a component. This second system represents a construct that is relevant for use in productization in the inevitable market of personal data compliance.

System evolution proceeds in agile scrum sprints. After one or more sprints have gone to completion and forced some re-factoring throughout the system, or often simply provided new functionality to existing components, a new package of functionality emerges that is observable to the user.

Typically, several interrelated components must mutate in concert to produce a significant new piece of functionality. This modular, yet interdependent approach allows a customer to purchase a single business component and be made aware of adjacent business topics and related components for easier management and pricing strategy.


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