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Do you need to have control over what data arrives into your CRM?


Combinatory Verification – individual components are verified using a combination of ‘best-in-class’ third party systems

Proprietary Validation – custom algorithms and filters are built by our specialist teams and can be applied to check for everything from obscenities to fraud and much more.

Human Re-Verification – our teams can be deployed to conduct a final check on whichever records you configure as needing this extra layer of quality control.


Once LolaGrove has received data (see ‘Data Orchestration’), it is processed according to whatever rules you have specified should be set up in the system.

Each step of processing can be configured to your exacting requirements, with each result being appended back to the record.

Every aspect of this schema – from data profiling through to flags for any designated ‘bad data’ can then be used to determine if you want that record to come to your systems, and if you do where you want it to go in there.


Do you need to have control over what data arrives into your CRM?

LolaGrove ID+ allows you to determine on a very granular level what data you allow into your CRM and what data you want to block.

Do you want to follow up on different records differently?

If you want senior decision makers to go into a ‘priority call’ list, decision makers to go into a ‘follow-up call’ list and influencers to go into email nurture, LolaGrove ID+ can provide the necessary flags for LolaGrove Data Orchestration to route the data accordingly.

Do you want to protect your sales team from calling and emailing dead phone numbers and inboxes?

The best-in-class verification services integrated into LolaGrove should minimise the number of records your sales people try but are unable to contact.


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